sold out

sold out

Friday, February 4, 2011

Almost there

I have been working on this '68 Dart for 4 years. When I bought it, Jon Allie was looking at it at the same time on craigslist here in San Diego. we are both car freaks, especially late 60's coupes. I called him and said, " Hey man, there is a 68 dart for sale in Del Mar, I'm gonna grab it..." He said, "I'm already driving to the guy's house, I was gonna buy it, but Fuck it, I've got the Nova, you can get it." I couldn't beleive it...Any way, that was then. Since then I have completely ripped the thing apart, and put it back together, I rebuilt the entire suspension, changed it from an automatic, to a four-speed, Built the entire motor myself, Re-painted it the original F7 dark green it was when it came off the assembly line(It was white when I bought it) and with the help of Jon Allie, Rich from the now defunct Smokey's, and Ryan shown cutting the fourspeed hump, and Oceanside Ralph's Adrian it's almost there. I lost some friends along the way, made some new one's, and now, the thing is looking kinda like it might roll. Now maybe I can get back to the BSA, and find a place for Jesus...


  1. I wish! it's actually my trusty old Seiko, and email be about hat graphic for your site so i can give you some details.