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Monday, February 28, 2011

BB Bastidas debuts Down under

Our fellow Free Crafter BB Bastidas is having his first International Art show in Australia at the China Heigths gallery . I have worked with BB for a few years now and saw his Crafting develop since his early beginings, I actually had him show at an art show 2 years ago here in San Diego. He has also done a Canvas in Thrasher Magazine, Artwork for Baker Skateboards, Altamont and C1RCA. Busy man, and definately part of The Underground

I am also proud to say that the Evilgoods will will be doing a colaboration with his "Indian Wolf" painting as a colaboration so Stay tuned...

Here is an Interview I did with him-
BB, tell me how long you¹ve been doing your art, and where you get your

B.B>ive been doing art as long as i can remember, like just being a little kid making stuff, but there was a turning point where I was like i really want to start making stuff and try to pressure it. I think i was 18 I was staying in SF for about a month at this house with all these guys that were making music and doing art, and before that i have really never seen stuff in person like that so when i got back home (Oceanside CA) I started painting and I remember think the first one i did turned out a lot better then i thought so i just kept going with it.I get my inspiration from a lot of places Skating, my homies, music im really into like the illuminati and old psychedelic stuff, oh yeah and crazy people always make me think.

You right a lot of sayings on your art, like you are talking to someone, who
is that? And what is your message...

B.B>I just write stuff that i thinks funny or what ever the painting is about to me, so i guess im talking to myself and i guess to who ever is looking at it. I dont know sometimes ill be doing something and it will make so much sense to me then ill look at it later and be like aaaww what was i thinking. But one time I was doing a group show in LA and stood behind some people looking at one of my painting and this dude was going off on what it was about like he explained it way better then i could.

Tell me about your Gorilla character, who is this beast?

B.B>Oh thats my homie he was made by playing that game where you draw one thing then pass it to your friend and then he draws something and you just keep passing it back tell it looks like something. But yeah he is from outerspace. Shout out to Baby R

What in the hell is NS Krue?

B.B>NS KRUE was started in 2001 in oceaNSide CA by me and some other homies cause we all got with some fat chick and were like "wow that was No Standards" then the name just stuck. It was like 3 dudes at first then we made everyone that wanted to get in do something that they didnt want to do like brake up with there girlfriend or steal beer or some shit we were pretty young. But then it just keep getting bigger and bigger and started to catch on, then we linked up with Ego mob and they became krue and now theres like krue chapters in Denver, LA etc. and still growing what year is it know fuck its been running for a minute.

Who have you done art for?

B.B>The first thing i ever did was for Richie (Belton) it was a crimson deck it was a devil in hell and i was soooo hyped to have something that was being produced and on a skateboard, so yeah thanks Belton! But I have worked for Baker,Circa Combat, Altamont, Deathwish, oh yeah i did a board for lizard when he was on Think.and I work with Keep A Breast its for breast cancer awareness. I dont know...

With so many artists out there, what makes you stand out from the sea of
artists out there right now...

B.B> Im me and their them.

Thanks BB!!

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