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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Road Gypsys

To Introduce the new Surfboard collection for the Evilgoods we took the Boards through the Deserts and Canyons of Southern California. Kristin, our Road Gypsy sets the pace with her Annie Oakley meets Stevie Nicks vibes and shows you who we are, Natives that serves Justice.

The First New Surfboard Model is the Banshee which is a Hybrid of a Hull and a Vee - bottom, This combo gives you trim like no Vee bottom board can. And with the Vee bottom and the Fin set-up, the Banshee thrives in the Pocket.

The Gypsy is the other new board featured, This Board is built to move every where on the wave. In the pocket, in the flats, in the air, Just Like a Gypsy it can be anywhere.  The Four Fin set up gives you all the Drive you need, and the width in the tail gives you magic carpet like speed.

All Hand shaped by Brian Hilbers and made in California. Custom Order your Banshee & Gypsy now. Contact us at

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