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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Introducing two new boards from the Evilgoods, both boards are hand shaped by one of Los Angeles' best shapers, Brian Hilbers, and Glassed in Venice Beach at the infamous Aquatech. These two boards are based on performance and Quality.
The first one The Archer is based on the principle of a short surfboard with tons of acceleration for small to medium surf. It has a hull style rocker and a Crescent tail. This twin fin is built to go fast on any wave with little effort.

The Lurker is a four fin. The Unique template is based of the Dogtown pool skateboards from the Golden Era of Wes Humpston's art days. I thought the outline of those skates had the right amount of hip for a fast, boosting performance board that is perfect for medium sized waves. The wider profile makes it easy to paddle, and you are also able to ride the board shorter. The Four fin set-up is set farther back for more pivot on the tail. All this combined, the Lurker is tuned to kill.

All boards can be made custom to your weight specs and can be shipped world wide. if you have any questions please feel free to contact us at

Look out for the next board...the Victor

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