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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Making of the Lurker and the Archer

Brian Hilbers and I worked closely on the new Evilgoods surfboards in the last couple of months. I wanted to have them ready for the Sacred Craft show in Delmar and wanted debut with three new boards: The Lurker, the Archer, and the Victor. These photos below are taken at the infamous Aquatech shop in Venice Beach California. Scott Anderson, Gino and Neil all did a great job and put that special crafters touch, Thanks dudes!! Since these new models where based on performance I got inspired by my favorite, Mopar, the King of the streets and the Strip of the Sixties. As well as the Leader in performance from that Golden Era Mooneyes!! Stay tuned for actual photos of this new Hot Rods soon...


The First shot is a collage of a very special man. CAHILL "The Lost Z-Boy" passed away recently. One of the original Zephyr team members, He was an amazing surfer-skater- and shaper and is in Icon of the Venice surf scene and beyond. I remember seeing Strider rip on Cahill's at Topanga when I was a little grom. This goes out to you Cahill, Keep it Underground my man, and thanks for the inspiration!

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